my notebook

Welcome to the Trainer’s Notebook. This is my blog site where I’ll document my thoughts, findings and suggestions on fitness, nutrition and wellness. I’ll also share great information and tips I’ve learned along the way.Everyone should be interested and concerned about wellness. To me, this is the greatest threat facing our country. We have grown too lazy. We want it fast and we want it now.  Good health does not come from a pill or prescription. It does not come from the drive thru or from most of the middle isles at your grocery store. Wellness comes from knowledge and invested time.  By making small, or big changes, you will save money and ultimately save your life.

I have been an avid “gym rat” for about 12 years, beginning with trips across snowy fields to the rec center at Kent State. In my early 30s, I “rediscovered” my approach to fitness and wellness overall.  I am expanding my views and integrating a number of new things into my workout routine, diet and everyday life.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working a “desk job” in PR. I love the challenges and creativity of it. I don’t like the amount of time I spend sitting at a desk. In my head, I always wondered what would have happened if I took a different route in college and majored in exercise science.

Well, I stopped wondering and enrolled in college for my second tour. I’m balancing a full-time PR job, part-time classes, my gym time and friends and family time. I’m learning a lot. And this blog is my way to gather my notes and share them with you.

While I may not have the official degree just yet, I’ve got plenty of experience and I’m getting results. I know what works. It’s not easy, but it’s your body and your life.


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