getting started

It’s safe to say there is no shortage on resources about fitness, nutrition and wellness.  In fact it can be a little overwhelming.  A lot of it has contains great information and tips. And a lot of it simply wants to make a buck off of you.So, how do you get started in improving your wellness?Start researching. Start reading. Start exploring. And start experimenting.

For starters, you’ll notice some blogs and websites I’ve listed on my site. I’ve read many, many sites and blogs. The ones I have listed here know their stuff. They break it down for you and help you reach your goals. While I’m glad you’re on my blog, I do encourage you to check out these sites as well. It’s like GI Joe says, “knowing is half the battle.”

You cannot simply tell yourself “I’m going to start working out,” or “I’m going to eat healthy,” and walk right into the gym or grocery store and succeed. Do your homework. Read. Gather information.

One of my yoga instructors made a great point. You do not have to be on the mat to be practicing yoga. You practice yoga when you seek out information on your practice. By reading and exploring ways to become healthier, you are practicing it.

Once you’ve done your homework, check out a few establishments that pique your interest. Visit a couple of gyms. Many will let you try their facility out before you sign. Take drop in or beginner classes at a yoga studio, YMCA or with a fitness group class. You won’t know if you like it unless you try it.

After you’ve found the gym, studio or group you like learn the foundations. Work with a trainer, an instructor, or a friend with some experience to help you get started. No matter what you do – weights or tai chi – you need to learn and master the basics. And by all means, if you are brand new to exercise and regular activity, see your doctor before you jump in headfirst.

The bottom line:  Constantly take in new information and try new things. Variety is the spice of life and will keep your regiment fresh and exciting.


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