it’s in the bag

Showing up to the gym is half the battle. But are you coming fully prepared for the task at hand?

You’ll often see people bolt into the gym, get through their routine and head right on out the door with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

If you take your health serious, then you should treat your time at the gym seriously and come prepared. Many of us would not think twice of heading off to work or class without the essentials to get us through. Same goes for the gym. Have a gym bag stocked with the tools you need.

My high fashion photo of my gym bag and my usual must haves. Being prepared helps you reach your goals.

You don’t kneed an elaborate bag, and nowadays the popular drawstring bags or cloth totes will do just fine. Here’s good list of items to include:

  • Bottle of water, sports drink, protein powder
  • Small towel
  • Couple of band aids
  • Workout log and pen
  • Jump rope
  • Lock for the locker
  • Mp3 player
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Watch/stop watch

These are some decent basics to have on hand. What else do you include in your bag?


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