The push pull approach

A different way to approach the weights.

I’m all about breaking up the norm when it comes to working out. The basics work, but eventually become boring.  It becomes tougher and tougher to challenge your body to grow and adapt when you follow the same movements and the same muscle groupings. The key to any successful, ongoing fitness commitment is change.

Want to mix things up a bit? How about a push/pull routine?

A push/pull workout routine splits up your exercise regimine so on one day you are performing push exercises and the other day you perform pull exercises.

These routines can stand alone, or become a hybrid element of more traditional gym fare.  With push/pull you can do two push days and two pulls days a week.

For now, let’s focus on a pure push/pull routine. You’ll do push on one day, pull on another, and repeat each again within a week:

Start each session with 8-10 minutes warming up with the treadmill, eliptical or bike. Anything to get your heart going and start up a light sweat.

Push Days (aim for 3 sets of the following):

10 reps of Barbell squat
10 reps of Dumbbell bench press
12 reps of Lunge
10 reps of Dumbbell chest flyes
12 reps of Dips
10 reps of Dumbbell shoulder press
10 reps of Triceps rope press down
10 reps of Dumbbell lateral raise

***for push exercises think quadriceps, chest, triceps, front deltoids and calves

Pull Days (aim for 3 sets of the following):

10 reps of Dumbbell deadlift
10 reps of Lat pull down
10 reps of Dumbbell shoulder shrug
10 reps of Cable row
10 reps of Alternating dumbbell bicep curl
12 reps of Pull ups
12 reps of Dumbbell hammer curls
20 reps of abdominal crunches on swiss ball

***for pull exercises think hamstrings, back, biceps, side deltoids and abdominals

And be sure to conclude each session with at least 20 minutes of cardio.

The key to success in the gym is constantly building and evolving your routine. The same thing week after week not only leave you bored, but it lets your muscles slack. They know what to expect. Why not shock the system?


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