Fresh pull/push routine for spring

Spring is here and maybe it’s time to switch it up at the gym?  I’ve written a push/pull routine that will likely be a break from the same old. This plan is not for beginners. It’s going to be a nice challenge for those who are intermediate or advance in their training.

Remember, do at least a 7-10 minute warm up before every workout. End the session with a few minutes of stretching and 20 minutes of vigorous cardio to improve your heart and circulatory system. Have questions? Leave them in the comment section. Happy training!

For each exercise do three sets (unless indicated), but let’s switch up the rep pattern. Your reps will be 7, 4, 7. Set 1 – do seven reps of fairly heavy weight.  Set 2 – do four, clean, even reps of near max weight.  Set 3 – do seven reps of a medium weight

Push Day 1

Pull Day 2

Push Day 3

Pull Day 4


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