Ketogenic (paleo-lite) diet

I recently wrote about the paleo diet, which essentially removes all processed foods, dairy and grains from your diet. It’s more than just a diet. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s hard to follow and commit to after years of the good ol’ American diet. I even wrote about taking the diet “paleo-lite” to help ease into it.

In keeping up with my research on the diet and nutrition, I found out “paleo-lite” is really a ketogenic, or very low carbohydrate, diet.  This may be the ideal stepping stone for those who want to cut out the carbs and processed foods, but can’t quite go cold turkey (cold turkey, by the way, is very welcome in both diets).

A ketogenic or paleo diet makes the body to enter a state of ketosis. What happens is your body begins using fat for energy, rather than a heavy reliance on carbohydrates.

Yes, both diets are restrictive on what you can eat, but research has shown both have powerful effects when it comes to weight loss, lean muscle mass and even in dealing with diabetes or epilepsy. Protein is key for these diets. And so is a wide mix of fruits and leafy green vegetables. You also want to include plenty of healthy fats (nuts, salmon, coconut oil, olive oil). You’ll greatly cut back – or eliminate – starchy vegetables, beans, dairy, grains and processed foods.

Bottom line, you’re going back to eating how your ancestors and our cavemen ancestors ate. It’s the diet that helped build our genetic code. The rise of chronic diseases and cancers has skyrocketed in the last 100 years. So has the consumption of sugars, breads and processed foods.

Eat fresh and natural. Shop around the parameter of the grocery store!

Curious if this may work for you? Do a 30 day challenge. Clean out your kitchen and commit to following the paleo or ketogenic diet for four weeks. You’ll be very surprised on how you feel and what you see. Need some ideas on what to buy or cook? Check out these great sites and blogs:

Be sure to keep exercising and moving toward a healthy and active lifestyle. And afterward, you may be even more surprised on how your body reacts to processed foods.


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  1. Tisha Riolo says:

    The great thing about Ketogenic Diet is that it helps the body burn down fats more easily. ;

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  2. Delpha Bedolla says:

    “Effects of a ketogenic diet on the quality of life in 16 patients with advanced cancer: A pilot trial” by Schmidt et al. Studies of dietary therapy for conditions other than epilepsy continue to grow, especially for cancer. In this study of 16 patients from Germany, a modified ketogenic diet (70 grams/day carbohydrates, high fat shake added) was helpful in slowing disease progression and improving quality of life scores in 6. This was impressive considering how advanced the disease was in these patients.”

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