The biggest setbacks to your training goals

Well done! You’ve carved out the time for workouts. You’re showing up and the hard work and dedication appeared to pay off. But now you’ve hit a wall. Why are you not seeing the gains you want to?

If you’re going full force during the day, are you getting enough rest at night?

Probably because you’re making one of these mistakes that have a huge impact on advancing your fitness goals:

  • Not enough rest. Get your sleep. This is when your muscles repair themselves. Are you getting 6-8 hours of solid sleep a night? If not, focus on getting to bed earlier. Take baby steps if you must. Try getting your face to the pillow at least 30 minutes earlier this week. You’ll notice the difference.
  • Stress. If you’re burning the candle at both ends and squeezing in the gym it’s not healthy. Stress raises levels of cortisol in your body which encourages fat storage around the belly. Take a look at your life and schedule and declutter. Step back and focus on what’s important and must be done. Cut out the unnecessary activities from your day.
  • Diet. This cannot be said enough. If you want to see physical changes fitness routines alone will not make a substantial, long term impact. You need to make healthier food choices, control portion sizes and fuel your body with small meals and snacks throughout the day.
  • Mix it up. Are you doing the same fitness routine over and over? Your mind and body are bored with it. It’s no longer a challenge. You need to switch up your fitness routine every 4-6 weeks. Try different exercises, different sets and reps, higher weights, lower weights or a new activity.

Tweak one or all of these and you’ll break through that plateau in no time.


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