4 week, paleo-lite challenge

Lately, you may have heared more and more about the paleo diet. It’s popping up everywhere, especially with the rise in popularity of Crossfit.

The paleo diet essentially removes all processed foods, dairy and grains from your diet. It is designed to create a diet that closely follows what our genetic code is based on and our ancestors thrived on. It’s a clean, natural and healthy way to eat, removing much of the processed and man made food stuffs we rely on every day.

Are you curious to try it out? Afraid of what it may take?

Then I encourage you to take a 4 week paleo-lite challenge.

Paleo-lite? This is technically known as the ketogenic diet. In reality, it will be an easier transition for most who may not be quite ready to go hardcore into the paleo world. Why? It still lets you eat some grains.

The paleo world itself has levels. The die hards will argue to eat like a caveman, you must live like one. They believe in periodic fasting (as our ancestors were not always successful in the hunt and likely went without a meal now and then) and bloodletting (it was a violent world and injuries were common. Today, they believe in giving blood to mimic periodic loss of blood.)

Now that’s extreme. Our paleo-lite challenge won’t be as tough!

The challenge begins Sunday, July 29. Details to come…

But this week here are your tasks:

  • Eat up and enjoy your “last meal” of some modern favorites: pizza, ice cream, fast food
  • Clean out the kitchen. Get rid of the sugars, the cookies, crackers, bread. No processed foods. I’ll share some shopping tips later this week

Are you ready? What do you have to lose? Take the challenge. You may be very surprised on how you look, think and feel in four weeks.


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