A quick personal update

I’ve been a bad fitness blogger! But I have not slacked on fitness. I’ve been busy juggling work, training and wrapping up my exercise science degree.  Yes, life has been busy, but I will get back on track sharing with you my tips and lessons.

One of my classes, motor learning and control. It’s not that easy.

My exercise science degree, with an emphasis on personal training, has been in the works for some time.  Almost three years ago, I went back to school part-time.  This May, I will be done!

On top of wrapping up my classes and practicum, I need to take the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification.  This certification will be a little more challenging than some.  I have done my research and this by far fits my philosophy of training.

It  focuses on building a foundation and slowly layering on additional focuses of training.  It starts with stabilization and balance, then moves strength, hypertrophy, maximal strength and power.  You work with a client until they are complete at one level, then move along.  For me, this follows a functional fitness approach.  It also helps address injuries and issues, corrects problems, and creates an overall balanced individual.

So there’s a quick insight into what’s been going on with me. Great new posts are coming. I promise!


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