Benefits of weight bearing exercises

Just what are weight bearing exercises?

Weight bearing exercises are essential in building strong bones and muscles. The National Osteoporosis Foundation defines bone as a living tissue that responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Weight bearing exercises help you build bones, similar to the way the body builds muscle. Muscles get bigger and stronger when you use them. In the same way, bones get stronger and denser when they handle impact or resistance. Thirty minutes of weight-bearing exercise daily will help you develop strong bones, reduce risk of injury and tone your muscles.

Weight bearing exercises do not necessarily involve lifting barbells and heavy plates.

Weight bearing exercises will also help to maintain or increase muscle mass and bone density, you’ll want to incorporate weight bearing exercises into your fitness routine. And it does not mean you have to be hitting it hard and heavy on the free weight floor at your gym.

What are some weight bearing exercises you can do to improve your health?

• Weight training
• Walking or running
• Dance
• Aerobics
• Gymnastics
• Bodyweight exercises

The following are not considered weight bearing activities:
• Swimming
• Bicycling
• Tai Chi

Weight bearing exercises have benefits for everyone regardless of age, shape or experience. Their benefits will outlast what any pill, potion or gimmick can offer.


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