PMS (Puffy Muscle Syndrome)

I’ll admit it. I now suffer from PMS.

Puffy muscle syndrome (PMS) happens to many guys in the gym. You’re working hard to add muscle, eating your calories and downing your shakes.  Yes, your chest is expanding, your arms popping, but still…you look just a little flabby.  The muscle is there, but it’s still hidden under layers of fat.

And you’ll see dozens of guys and bodybuilders who take it as part of the process. Bulking and cutting. Doesn’t that seem like yo yo dieting? And wouldn’t that be unhealthy?  In fact, it could lead to insulin resistance and a host of other issues.

Bulking, cutting, bulking, cutting. Is this really a healthy way to be fit?

You can be lean, strong and natural looking at the same time. Gymnasts, martial artists and countless military personnel do it.  So can you.

How do you get rid of PMS?

Smart weight training, resistance cardio, circuits, intense intervals and clean eating.

Bottom line…train hard guys, but keep that diet clean and HIIT training in rotation. You too can reduce PMS.

Personal note:

I recently did a little experiment.  For six weeks, I went back to the good old traditional weight training, diet and supplement routine.  And what do you know…PMS.

Once Thanksgiving rolls by, I’ll be switching back to a functional fitness approach. Let’s see what happens by New Years 2013…stay tuned.


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