Committing to a new lifestyle 11.23.12

Recently on this blog, I’ve written about the paleo diet and functional fitness.  For more than a year I’ve dabbled with both.  I saw some great changes in how I looked and how I felt, but…let’s say I had commitment issues.

I read a lot in the past year on nutrition and exercise. I tried out elements, saw results and decided to do an experiment this fall.  I did the opposite of what I wrote on here.  I stuck with the traditional weight training routine, ate what I wanted and let other lifestyle changes slack. The results? I’m stiff. I look and feel worn down and tired. And I developed PMS.

So what’s a trainer-to-be to do?  I’m going to practice what I preach. I’m committed to making a lifestyle change.  And I will finally use this blog to document my personal transformation and what I find works for me – and hopefully you too.

This is me on November 22. Thanksgiving Day with PMS – puffy muscle syndrome. A result of poor nutrition choices and heavy weight training. I wonder what a paleo-lite diet and functional fitness will do by Dec. 31?

The plan is simple:  Follow a paleo-lite diet. Focus on functional fitness. Make better lifestyle choices.

I’ve written about the paleo diet. I enjoyed the results. Truth is, it is very hard to follow to its core. I do the paleo-lite diet. Check out my post on paleo-lite and see what I’m talking about.

I’m in school studying exercise science and nearing my NASM personal training certification. And all that I’m reading – and personally experiencing – points to functional fitness. Traditional weight training is good if you are sculpting muscles for show. But it comes with a price. It creates imbalances, it’s hard to maintain with age and it wears on your body. I’m going to go with an approach that still keeps you looking lean and mean, but helps you stay balanced, strong and healthy every day.

The workout styles I will be following include: bodyweight exercises. Yoga. Warrior/HIIT (much like the various Spartan/P90X/300 workouts).

Lifestyle changes:
My nutrition and workouts will certainly be a lifestyle change.  I will also commit to getting more sleep and finally reducing stress in my life. My passions will become my life.

Bottom line – I want to wake up feeling good. I want to be excited about work and each day’s adventures. Stay tuned…


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  1. Interesting post. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your progress. I have been on the paleo diet, although I am on a two day break. Not familiar with paleo lite or functional fitness.

    1. Thanks! Really, really ready to finally stick to my guns. Loved the paleo diet, but so hard to stick to. Like vegetarians, there’s so many variations. Paleo-lite is my take on it, without havig to give up special dishes mom or grandma make.

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