3 week Warrior Training

2012 revolutionized how I approach training and fitness.  Gone are the days of split body part routines and defined sets and reps. Functional fitness is my game.  And one of my favorite takes on it is the Spartan or Warrior workouts.

I’m taking three of my favorite sources and making a 3 week warrior training program.  It’s easy to follow and allows for some fun and creativity at the gym.

First, I’m following a combo workout of the popular Men’s Health Spartacus Workouts.  Check out Trainer Josh‘s blog for a three-day a week mix of three Men’s Health Spartacus Workouts. He has the breakdown and three short videos to guide you through.

And for the fourth day? Adding in one of the many awesome workouts from one of the best fitness sites – Funk Roberts.  He’s got an endless amount of great MMA, bodyweight and fighter conditioning workouts.  Tons to choose from.

Want to be in fighting shape? Funk Roberts is the man.

But there’s a key gadget to help you with these.  It’s the Gymboss timer.  This is a must have for my gym bag and one of the best $20 investments I’ve made.  It keeps you moving on time and makes all of the above effective and efficient.  You’re done in under 45 minutes!

Why not switch it up for three weeks and see?  Do the Spartan Workout on Josh’s site and let Funk help you out on the fourth day.  Happy training!


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