NASM certified personal trainer

Some of you may know from reading this blog, or following me on Twitter, that I am pursing my National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal training certification.

nasm-logo1And let me tell you, the NASM certification process is no joke! It’s a step above some of the others out there.  You have to study and you have to be open to stepping outside of the traditional box of how one workouts, or trains.

So why the NASM CPT? I love how they approach fitness and training.  It’s not about sets and reps. It’s about truly improving the body so it works at an optimal level no matter where one wishes to take their personal fitness journey.

NASM focuses on building a solid foundation, correcting bad behaviors and connecting gym time to how we move everyday.

NASM focuses on the OPT model approach: stabilization, strength and power.

  • Stabilizing is all about balance and core.
  • Strength focuses on strength, hypertrophy and maximal strength.
  • And power is the top level focusing on high force and velocity.

Regardless of your shape, your goals or your health, the NASM OPT model improves your body and restores it for optimal movement.  Even for serious athletes, the model calls for cycling through the various levels, always coming back to the basics of stabilization. Without balance and stable joints, you will increase your risk for injury and decrease your potential.

I love the NASM approach to fitness.  I hope to sit for the exam in February and then begin sharing my advice and fresh workouts with you.


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