90 day 2nd District Healthy Cleveland Wellness Challenge

I’m taking part in a wellness challenge in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

It’s called the 2nd District Healthy Cleveland Wellness Challenge.
Eight teams (Cleveland Police Second District; Councilman Joe Cimperman; Councilman Kevin Kelley; Councilman Matt Zone; Councilman Brian Cummins (2); Lutheran Hospital and the Cleveland Department of Public Health) have 90 days to improve their health.

The challenge, brainchild of Cleveland Police Second District Commander Keith Sulzer, kicked off on Monday, Jan. 14 as participants gathered at Lutheran Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic hospital, for initial assessments including: weight, waist measurements, cholesterol and glucose tests, and blood pressure readings.

Team leaders gather at the kick off press conference on Jan. 14 (which I helped put together).
Team leaders gather at the kick off press conference on Jan. 14 (which I helped put together).

In April, each participant will be re-screened and compete in a Cleveland Police style fitness exam featuring a 1.5 mile run, a sit up challenge, and a push up test.

Team members, who contributed $20 at the start, earn points for various health improvements such as weight loss, improved blood pressure readings, each workout completed and their score in the final fitness competition. The top three teams will each select a local charity to donate the funds. It is a win-win competition for all involved.

I figured this is a great way to continue to improve my health, have a little bit of competitive fun and raise funds for a charity in Cleveland. I’m on Team Councilman Zone. Cheer us on!

Here are my initial numbers from Jan. 14
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 150 lbs
Waist: 33.5”
BMI: 25 (overweight, YIKES!)
Blood pressure: 133/79
Pulse: 77
Cholesterol: 179 (HDL 63)
Blood sugar: 103

And my Jan. 14 obligatory mirror photo:


I plan on hitting the gym five days a week, focusing mainly on HIIT workouts focused on functional fitness, and boxing. And paleo lite diet all the way!

I’d like to drop my body fat, reduce my waist, lower my blood pressure and my pulse. Oh, and rock it for the final fitness challenge. I’ll check back in a few weeks for the midway progress.


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