Breaking down HIIT

HIIT is all the rage. But just what is high interval intensity training and how can it make your workouts standout?


HIIT training is an effective way to burn fat, elevate the heart rate and build lean muscle. HIIT uses short bursts of intense physical exertion followed by a short period of rest.  This could look something like 30 seconds of movement followed by 10 seconds of rest. Or completing a round of reps, followed by a short rest and repeat. Typically you will cycle through one set of several exercises. Rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat the circuit 1-2 more times.

The benefits:

  • Shorter workouts. Most can be done in 20-45 minutes
  • Combines muscular strength/endurance training with your cardio session
  • Creative, fun and challenging. HIIT workouts can be switched up and help you avoid workout boredom

HIIT training is great for those who are short on time. By combining cardio and weight training, you can build muscle, burn fat and keep your heart rate up. And there’s an endless possibility of combinations to great HIIT workouts. You can focus solely on body weight, or combine bodyweight movements with dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, etc.


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