Medicine Ball HIIT Workout

Looking to switch things up a bit in the gym?  How about a medicine ball high intensity interval workout?  I came up with this program when the gym was busy and all the dumbbells and kettlebells were in high demand.  It got the job done!

The medicine ball can be a great workout tool.
The medicine ball can be a great workout tool.

Warm Up:

5 minutes on the track, the treadmill or any cardio to get your heart going and a light sweat.

Balance Work:

Always add an element of balance into your daily workouts.  Balance on right foot for up to 30 seconds, then left. Do this three times.

Medicine Ball HIIT:

  • Medicine ball squat and overhead press
  • Medicine ball push up (5 push ups with ball under one hand, switch)
  • Medicine ball overhead walking lunge
  • Medicine ball Russian twist
  • Medicine ball hip bridge (place ball between legs near knees. Press together as you raise hips)
  • Medicine ball chest press (Stand. Hold ball between palms against chest, squeezing ball. Now push ball straight out, while continuing to squeeze the ball with both hands)
  • Medicine ball slams
  • Medicine ball v-ups

10 reps of each, do this five times.  Keep your body moving! Take a rest in between sets if needed, but try to cycle through all five sets with little stopping.  And remember…FORM over speed.

Cool down:

Foam roll and static stretching.


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