Halloween HIIT Workout

photoHappy Halloween! Don’t let the candy and goodies get to you. Here’s a quick HIIT workout you can do to help scare away those unwanted calories.

Warm Up:

5 minutes on the track, the treadmill or any cardio to get your heart going and a light sweat.

Balance Work:

Always add an element of balance into your daily workouts.

Balance on right foot for up to 30 seconds, then left. Do this three times.

Halloween HIIT:

20 Wall balls (or jumping squats if you don’t have access)
10 Plyo pushups
10 Single leg air squats
10 Chin ups
10 Dips
30 Yards of kettlebell walking lunges
1 Halloween body hold (lie on back. Arms stretched out over head. Lift legs, arms and shoulder blades slightly off the ground. Contract abdominals. Hold as long as you can.)

Do this sequence five times and try to knock it out in under 40 minutes. Keep your body moving! Take a rest in between sets if needed, but try to cycle through all five sets with little stopping. And remember…FORM over speed.

Cool down:

Foam roll and static stretching.


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