Getting back on the paleo-lite bandwagon

Yeah, I fell off that wagon awhile back.  And I can see and feel the difference eating everyday food has on my body, my mood and overall health.  I’m sluggish. My skin is breaking out.  And the abs I’ve worked so hard for are faded. So today, on Thanksgiving, I pledge to get back to a healthier diet.  I’m going back to paleo-lite.

photo (4)Paleo-lite isn’t hardcore.  You don’t have to sacrifice everything. It’s about eating healthy. Selecting foods in their natural state. Avoiding processed, artificial foods.  Aim to eat lean meats, grass fed beef, fresh fruits & veggies and nuts.  Cut back or eliminate dairy.

Think of it this way, paleo is how you would eat if you were stranded on a deserted island.  Yes, it does take some planning, but once you get the hang of it there’s a huge world of options and recipes. In fact they are all over Instagram, on blogs and even in popular fitness magazines.

Does this mean you’re going to shun grandma’s homemade cake? No. For me, paleo-lite means sticking with paleo for 90-90 percent of the time, knowing now and then you can afford a treat or join in with friends and family for a special meal.  It’s not the purist way, I know, but for me this is the best way to eat healthy and not give up in the long run.

Wish me luck! And if you’d like to climb aboard the wagon with me check out some of my past posts:


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