Broken Leg Workout

A buddy of mine, who is an active gym rat, recently hand the misfortune of a nasty fall on wet tile.  The result – several screws and plates in his lower left leg.  Not one to lay back on the sofa for two months, we came up with a three day split to keep him in the gym and reduce the negative effects a broken leg has on his regular routine.

You may not be as mobile, but you can still hit the gym in crutches.
You may not be as mobile, but you can still hit the gym in crutches.

The following routine can be of use to anyone who’s rehabbing with a broken leg and has access to a gym with exercise machines (because you need to sit!), benches and bands or tubes.  Be sure to move carefully about, and build in time.  This workout will run longer than your previous ones as you work around the machines.

Warm Up:

Get up and walking around on your crutches. Move about to get your heart rate up and blood flowing for 3-5 minutes.  If your gym hand a hand crank bike, use that to get a light sweat going.

**(sets #/reps#)

Upper Body Push Day (chest/shoulder/tri)

  • Chest press machine 6/8
  • Chest incline press machine 6/8
  • Pec dec flye machine 3/10
  • Seated military press machine 3/10
  • Seated dumbbell front and side raise 3/10
  • Triceps extension machine 3/10
  • Triceps kickbacks with band/tube 3/15

Upper Body Pull Day (back/biceps)

  • Seated cable row 3/12
  • Lat pulldown 3/10
  • Cobra 5/1
  • Biceps curl machine 4/8
  • Reverse grip lat pulldown 3/10
  • Seated dumbbell hammer curls 3/15

Leg/Core Day

  • Seated bodyweight leg extensions with hip abduction 3/10
  • Laying leg lifts 3/10
  • Laying crunches 3/20
  • Russian twists 3/20
  • V-sit hold 60 seconds

Cool Down:

Perform a series of upper body static stretches.  Hold each for 30 seconds.


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