What is TRX?

TRX, a form of suspension resistance training, was created by Randy Hetrick, a Navy Seal in the 90s. It uses bodyweight exercises to perform a variety of multi-planar, compound movements combining strength, balance, flexibility, stability and cardio all in one. The individual on the TRX controls the intensity of their own workout using angles, foot positioning and speed to adjust the exercises.

TRX suspension training is a great workout on its own, or folded into your routine.
TRX suspension training is a great workout on its own, or folded into your routine.

I began using TRX in August and I’m hooked. In fact, I’ve embraced it so much I have traveled to Columbus for two TRX certification courses ( TRX suspension training course and TRX sports medicine). I now teach TRX group classes at Cleveland State University Recreation Center and incorporate TRX into the workouts of my clients. On first approach, my clients often assume this will be a walk in the park, until 30 short minutes later their body is shaking and their drenched in sweat.

Want more of a cardio workout? Speed up the repetitions. Want more of a muscular strength workout? Focus on slow, controlled movements with challenging angles and foot positions.

So why do I love TRX so much?

  • Portable – anywhere you can tie or anchor it 7-9 feet of the ground you are set (parks, home, hotels, etc)
  • Versatile – endless range of exercises, modifications and adjustments. It makes for a great HIIT workout, or can be folded into just about any type of program
  • Can challenge anyone from beginners to bodybuilders to those in rehab
  • Incorporates core and balance
  • Encourages movement beyond the sagittal or frontal plane

If you haven’t tried TRX, give it a shot. Many gyms are starting to offer classes and you may be able to buy a day pass to test it out.


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