Hitting the reset button

2014 was a busy, stressful and chaotic year for me.  Leaving my old career behind, going back to school to earn a physical therapist assistant degree and learning to living on a very lean budget took it’s toll on my body.

This is what a lack of sleep, a chaotic schedule and messy nutrition looks like.  I'm 170 pounds. And it's going to change.
This is what a lack of sleep, a chaotic schedule and messy nutrition looks like. I’m 170 pounds. And it’s going to change.

Bottom line…the stress, my nutrition and schedule pushed my weight up to 170 pounds.  I’m still strong, but I’m not anywhere as athletic and healthy as I should be.  Especially being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

So wha’t a guy to do with all these lemons?  Make some lemon water.

I’m going to clean up my act and share my progress with all of you.  I’m committed to making the following changes:

  • Sleep – With last fall’s insane schedule 5-6 hours a night is not enough.
  • Diet – I’m cutting out the crap.  I’m going to start a carb cycling plan.  And I’m limiting myself to 4 drinks a week.
  • Exercise – I’m making more time for my own exercise and I’ll finally be adding boxing back into the mix.  My training focus will be a blend of on bodyweight, calisthenics, TRX, kettlebells and boxing conditioning.

So here’s where I stand today, January 1, 2105 (you see the bloated pic of me above):

  • 5’5″
  • 170 pounds
  • Waist: 37″
  • Hip: 35″

By St. Patrick’s Day, you should be seeing a pic of me with abs.  I want to drop down to around 150 pounds.  I’ll be rested, leaner, healthier and a better role model for my clients and class participants.  Stay tuned for progress updates…and more blog posts with workouts and other useful information!


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