WOD 2.26.15

Yeah, it’s been awhile…but I’m back.  Below is a free WOD (workout of the day).  Give it a shot!


All you need is dice.  Roll one dice.  The number you roll is your exercise off of the list.  Roll it again.  Take that number and multiply it by 5.  That’s how many reps you do.

So if you roll a 2 then you will do pushups.  Roll a 3 – then you’ll do 15 reps!

Roll away for 10 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes.  And go for two more rounds.  Three rounds in total.

Lacking equipment above? Switch it out with a similar exercise.  And looking for more workouts?  Check me out on Instagram: Kopniske – I post tons of workouts there!


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