Body Transformation 2.0

Ok…let’s try this…again…


This is what my last semester of school did to me.  14-16 hour days of class, work, studying, and attempting to maintain workouts.  High stress, lack of sleep and overall bad eating led to weight gain and puffiness.  I’m at 164 lbs.  I wanted to be at 150 lbs.

So I start again.  School is done.  Boards are in July.  I’m basically in limbo until I pass my boards and find full-time work.  I plan on using this time to get my life and body on point.

My boxing trainer has a fight June 11.  That’s one month away.  He’s training hard to hit his weight and improve his body.  I figured why not do the same.  Give myself one month to be in my own “fighting shape” by the time his fight rolls around.

My plan?  Active every day. Running. Calisthenics. Functional training. Boxing. And following a tight and controlled nutrition plan.  Using My Fitness Pal and social media to keep me accountable.  I’m aiming for 2-3 lbs a week.

I owe this to my clients, my readers and myself.  It’s now or never.  Stay tuned for weekly progress updates!

May 11, 2016 at 164 lbs.


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