Meals. A simple approach

IIFYM. Paleo. Atkins. Intermittent Fasting.

So many ways to approach your meal planning in the fitness world.  I’ve experimented with just about all of them.  And for me, none quite worked.

I’m a busy guy.  I don’t have time to measure out my food.  Weigh my food.  Track my food in various apps and hunt down ingredients not easily available at my local market or grocery store.


So what’s one to do when it comes to eating healthy to build and maintain a fit, healthy and viable body?  It’s pretty simple.  I follow just a couple of rules:

  1. Three colors at each large meal.  And by this I mean three distinct colors. Not shades of white or brown.  Greens. Reds. Blues. Purples.  You should see three distinct colors pop out on your plate.
  2. Use your hands!  Palm of the hand for your protein portion (meat, tofu, beans, etc). One handful for carbs (pasta, rice, bread, veggies, fruits, etc). And two handfuls of leafy greens (kale, spinach, etc.). Tip of thumb for the fats (oils, butter, etc).  Use this for your big three meals of the day.
  3. Water. Black coffee. Tea.  Keep it simple and sugar free.
  4. Eat as organic and clean as you can.  The less processing, genetic modification and chemicals…the better.
  5. Aim for 5-6 meals a day.  Three larger meals using the rules above.  And a couple of smart, healthy snacks to hold you over in-between.

There you go.  I’ve spent a ton of money and time over the years dabbling in various diets and meal approaches.  This is what I find to be the most realistic, manageable and successful approach.  And it will work for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and so on.  And I’ve given up on supplements.  It saves money in my budget and really…it’s all a marketing game in the end.  Eat balanced and clean and you’ll be just fine.

Now get into that kitchen and use my simple approach to make an easy, healthy meal.


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