Time for a change

Winter is over and so with it is my weight.  It’s more than I want it to be.  I’m ready to trim off the excess and feel like an athlete once again.


And to accomplish it I’m going to do a combination approach.  I will follow the Barstarzz BTX program, couple it with a Madbarz workout or two, and fold in some boxing and TRX to keep it fresh and well rounded.

My goal?  To drop from 164 lbs to 153 lbs.  I’d like to be there by June.  I’ll post updates of my journey, and of course some of the original workouts I create to help me push toward my goal.  Yes – I’m doing it all with calisthenics and body weight training.  No machines.  No free weights.  Just using my body and the world around me to create the physique I want.

Hope you’ll follow me and help me reach my goal to being healthier, leaner and more athletic.


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  1. evolveeman says:

    Good luck! I starting my cut soon too.

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