Day 1: Start Again

It’s been quite a few weeks.  Lot’s of traveling, working lots of hours and too many social events.  The result…my weight is at 170 lbs.  This. Is.  Not.  Good.


So what am I going to do about it?  Use my two fitness/medical related degrees for once and carve out a plan for ME.  Far too often I relied on using other’s plans, or borrowing from others to try and set up my own plan.  I have clients of my own I focus on, but when it came to me, I was lazy and just wanted to find a set blue print.

Not any more.  Starting Sunday, June 18, I am taking over.  I’m going to do intermittent fasting.  I’m going to aim for 1800 calories a day to help decrease my weight.  And I WILL track it.

Fitness-wise I will be using a blend of calisthenics, TRX and boxing.  I will have a push day, pull day,  legs, push/pull, HIIT and open day (yoga, hike, run – try something new).

Enough is enough!!

I’ll be posting my progress to hold myself accountable.  And sharing some workouts along the way too!

Goal by August 1 – 155 lbs and an athletic physique.

Let’s do this!


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