Personal Training

I offer face-to-face and online personal training services, providing clients with a “functional fitness” approach. My approach to functional fitness is tailoring your workout to the specific function or purpose in your life. Are you trying to improve your overall body? Are you training for an adventure race? Or do you need to condition for a police or military physical test? My plan will fit your lifestyle, your interests and your goals. I have trained clients ranging from military professionals to those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. And I would like to assist you as well.

My goal is to provide you with an effective workout in under 45 minutes you can do at the gym, at home or in the park. You don’t need to be in the gym two hours every day to make a huge impact on your health. Let’s face it, we’re busy, but I can save you time and money while helping your reach your goals.

All potential clients receive a free, 30 minute fitness evaluation where we review goals, abilities, health factors, measurements and discuss what would make for a fun and challenging workout routine. We’ll take those goals and measurements and review them halfway, and at the conclusion of your workout program.

Personal Training Services:
(Cleveland and west side)

Why go to the gym when you can train at home, in the park or in your neighborhood? You don’t need an expensive gym membership, tons of equipment or crowded weight room floors to improve your body. Let’s think outside of the box and and have fun while we train. I offer:

  • Fitness evaluation
  • Personalized 4 or 6-week workout plans
  • Post physical therapy workout plans
  • Individual, one-on-one workout sessions
  • Small “boot camp” group training is also available

$25 per 30 min session
$200 for 10 sessions
$75 for customized 4-week plan (includes walk through of all exercises)
$100 for customized 6-week plan (includes walk through of all exercises)

Online Personal Training Services:

Train in your home, office, or anywhere you can connect online. I’ll be there with you to help you achieve your goals regardless of where you are in the world. My online personal training offers:

  • Fitness evaluation
  • Personalized 4 or 6-week workout plans
  • Interaction via email, Twitter, Skype, phone or text

$100 for a four-week program
$200 for four-week program and online support (Skype, email, KIK, text and phone)
$125 for a six-week program
$300 for a six-week program and and online support (Skype, email, KIK, text and phone)

For more information connect with me at or @Kopniske or below:


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