Day 29: 31 Days of Fitness

Almost…there…keep…pushing… My 31 days of fitness challenge is just about a wrap!  Today we will keep it simple, easy and fun.  Activity of your choice for a minimum of 20 minutes of movement. So jump back into that fitness class you love.  Push though your favorite YouTube or app workout.  It’s your choice…just keep moving…

Day 27: 31 Days of Fitness

Let’s crank up the volume today.  We’re going full body and working in a higher rep range. Grab your water and a towel, and let’s get down to business. 20 Burpees 20 Squats 50 Crunches 30 Mountain Climbers 25 Pushups 4x

Day 24: 31 Days of Fitness

Today’s challenge…try something new, or revisit something you haven’t done in quite awhile.  Maybe it’s taking that class at your gym or rec center you’ve always thought about, but never went.  Maybe it’s trying a new type of workout: circuit training, yoga, Tai Chi or spinning. For me, it’s yoga.  I used to go regularly…

Day 21: 31 Days of Fitness

For those of you following along at home, how are you feeling?  Me…I’m beat.  But the journey moves on.  It’s Day 21 of my 31 Days of Fitness challenge. Today’s workout is legs and core.  So get ready to sweat…and barely stand afterwards.   Leg and Core Workout: **No jumping a round.  Work your way…

Day 20: 31 Days of Fitness

Grab your jump rope!  We’re working on our skipping endurance today!  Only 4 exercises, but they should effectively workout head to toe.  No jump rope, or not all that coordinated? No problem.  Jump as if you had one in your hands. 2 minutes of jumping rope 20 reverse lunges 10 Hindu pushups 10 plank builders…

Day 19: 31 Days of Fitness

Day 19 is here!  Today is an activity of your choice. Do something you love.  Or try something new.  Go for a run.  Try a yoga class.  Find a fitness related activity and commit to at least 20 minutes of movement today. Today, I’ll get my ass kicked by Wilkins Santiago with a 60 minute…

Day 17: 31 Days of Fitness

Day 17…boxing day!  Boxing and boxing conditioning are the only forms of training where I feel I’ve given it my all. I went for 8 rounds today on the heavy bag and some shadow boxing.  Three minute rounds with a one minute rest break between.  Keep that body moving as best as you can and…

Day 15: 31 Days of Fitness

We are just about half way through December and the challenge continues to roll on.  Day 15 is here.  Let’s get to it. 20 minutes of cardio Circuit: 5 Pull Ups 5 Burpees 5 Crunches As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  

Day 14: 31 Days of Fitness

We are almost half way there!  Day 14. Let’s keep on pushing forward.  Today’s workout is a leg focused program.  This workout is made to challenge our endurance and burn out our lower body. 20 Squats 20 Lunges 20 Jumping Squats 20 Exercise Ball Leg Curls (or use a towel on a smooth surface) x5

Day 11: 31 Days of Fitness

Happy Sunday!  Today’s workout is cardio and core.  A nice way to start out the week.   Day 11 Workout: 20 minutes of cardio Core (45 seconds of movement, 15 seconds of rest for each) Crunches Russian Twists Bicycle Crunches Right Side Plank Left Side Plank Do the above circuit 3x.  That will give you…

Day 10: 31 Days of Fitness

Good work so far!  Today is your choice!  Do something active you like for fitness today.  Go for a hike, a bike ride, swim.   What will I be doing?  Going for 90 minutes of boxing and boxing conditioning this morning.

Day 8: 31 Days of Fitness

Simple and straight forward today! 30 minutes of cardio.  However you want to get it in.  Stick with on form, or mix and match…as long as you hit 30 minutes of sweat equity. Jog? Run? Row? Jump Rope? It’s your choice today.